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How to Install LED Strip Lighting on your Boat

12th Sep 2017

Using LED strip lighting on boats has become more popular among lots of boat owners. If LED strip lighting is installed properly, this can be festive, fun and is actually useful in many ways. Combination of LEDs and lighting controller allow you to pick single color accent for a cooler glow and then cycle automatically through series of colors and in most instances, even set lights to pulse as well as to dance into the beat of lively music. One of the best things about LED lighting on boat
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Fitting Your Caravan with LED Lights

12th Sep 2017

The lighting is one of the biggest drains in a caravan. Every twin fluorescent fittings draws about 8 watts from every battery, which means each light draws about 16 watts for every light. At first, the energy you rack up does not seem like much but when you count all the lights in your caravan, you will clearly see how much energy your unit is using. How you can save on your energy bills? To not draw that much power from all your lights, all you need is switch to the new LED lights like t
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LED Aluminium Extrusion Profile for Kitchen Lighting

12th Sep 2017

The modern kitchens are now using kitchen LED aluminium profiles so as to obtain the best end results for your requirements. The purpose of the under cupboard lighting is to loosen up the worktop. Hence, it is very necessary to select the correct profile and then mount this within the right place. The LED strip is very important as well, yet is where the aluminium profile was fixed would have an effect on where and how it would be diffused the light. Aluminium profiles are the loose
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A Ways to Light up Drawers with LED Lights

12th Sep 2017

The colorful lights, when done right, could appear futuristic and cool. LED light strips came a long way and that means, you could ditch your Christmas lights for something that is cleaner to look at. What’s great about the LED strips is that they are flexible and thin, so you could put them to places where the traditional bulbs can’t go, like the under cabinets and inside the drawers. It means that they are also functional and they could shed the little light on what is going on
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